Frequently Asked Questions

About SourceOregon

What is SourceOregon?

SourceOregon is OMPA's directory of production companies, stages and studio services, government and business liaisons, and other media service providers. Your listing makes a first impression with every project that considers producing in Oregon and keeps you in touch with the crew and producers of Oregon's industry.

What is OMPA's relationship to SourceOregon?

Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) manages the online directory. OMPA is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association for the film, television and interactive media industry. Individuals and businesses join OMPA to support their industry, attend networking events, receive industry news and exclusive promotional opportunities. Members receive one free SourceOregon listing annually, as a part of their Member benefits. This free listing can max out the listing features (example: max word count, logo, & reel).

Why should I list?

Many in-state and out-of-state productions contact us for crew and we refer them to the SourceOregon. It is important to make sure that your name is included with your industry peers.

A more complete directory makes it easier for us to market Oregon as a place to do business. If you have worked on any of the projects Oregon has attracted from out of state, you've benefited from the directory.

If you aren't getting any work in the industry, you might consider calling some other people in the directory and networking with them. If you are an OMPA member, we can help facilitate those introductions for you.

Getting Listed

How do I get listed?

Go to to list for the first time.

How much does a listing cost?

Listing prices depend on the features that you choose.

First, you select a listing type:

  • Basic Listing (Name, Contact Info, Website) = $35
  • Short Description (Name, Contact Info, Website, 30 Word Description) = $50
  • Long Description (Name, Contact Info, Website, 60 Word Description) = $75

You can also choose to have the following additions:

  • Add a logo or headshot = $25
  • Add a reel link = $20

The least expensive listing costs $35 (Basic Listing). The most expensive listing costs $120 (Long Description, Logo, & Reel Link). OMPA members receive one free listing. This listing can be Basic, Short or Long and can include both a logo and reel link -- a $120 value.

Can I pay more to rank my listing higher on the list?

Our current SourceOregon system ranks listings higher if they have a reel link and/or logo. This is another reason to add these features to your listing.

How do I list if I qualify for multiple categories?

You are welcome to list in more than one category. A separate listing must be made for each category. OMPA members receive one free listing. Any listing after that free listing will be priced depending on the features chosen.

Each listing is a minimum of $35. If you are an OMPA member, we suggest utilizing your free listing with the one that could benefit from a longer description, logo & reel.

You will also be vetted for each category and will be required to provide references.

Can I edit my listing later?

Yes. You can login to your SourceOregon account at any time and edit your listing.

If you add additional features, you will be charged for those "upgrades". See Can I "upgrade" my listing after I've purchased it?

Can I "upgrade" my listing after I've purchased it?

Yes. At any time, you can login to your SourceOregon account and make edits to your listing. This can include "upgrading" your listing. You simply pay the difference for your upgrades.

Example 1: You can go from a Basic Listing to Short Description Listing for $15.

Example 2: You can add a logo at any time for $25.

You are also welcome to remove logos, reel links, descriptions. Refunds will only be honored one week after purchase date. OMPA will not be issuing refunds after November 1st, 2020.

Can I get a refund for my listing?

Refunds will only be honored one week after purchase date. OMPA will not be issuing refunds after November 1st, 2020.

Renewing Your SourceOregon Listing

How do I renew my listing?

Go to to login to your account and renew your listings.

Why do I need to renew my listing?

If you do not renew your listing, your current listing will go offline at the end of year.

Once your listing has been renewed, it will live online until December 31st, 2021.

What if I renew my listing after November 15th?

Any listing renewed after November 15th, 2020 and before August 1st, 2021, will live online until December 31st, 2021.

When I login, my listing says that it expires December 31st, 2020. Why do I need to renew by November 15th?

SourceOregon online directory listings expire at the end of every year.

All listings that have not been renewed will stay online until the expiration date (December 31st, 2020).

Once renewed, the listing will live online until the end of next year.

OMPA Members

I'm an OMPA member. What are my SourceOregon benefits?

OMPA members receive one free listing. Any additional listing is $35 minimum. The price increases depending on word count, logo and reel. The free listing for OMPA includes maximum word count, logo and reel. Individuals can pay for a listing without being an OMPA member.

Do I have to be an OMPA member to be listed in SourceOregon?

No, you do not have to be an OMPA member to be listed in SourceOregon.

OMPA members receive one free listing. In addition, they receive weekly industry news, a weekly jobs email, free networking events and promotional opportunities. OMPA members are also giving to the only entity in the state of Oregon that advocates for film friendly policies.

A listing with all of the features costs $120. A year of OMPA membership is $160.

If I joined OMPA/renewed my OMPA membership, am I automatically listed?

OMPA does not automatically list you or your company on SourceOregon when you join or renew your membership. You must go to to list yourself in your desired category. The listing owner is in charge of updating that information when necessary or at renewal.

When you are listing, check the box on the form that indicates that you are an OMPA member. This will remove your listings price (or most expensive listing) from your total.

I'm an OMPA sponsor and I qualified for additional free listings.

OMPA will contact you regarding your listings. Feel free to contact if you have any questions or would like to confirm.

How do I advertise with SourceOregon?

Contact Lisa Cicala at for current specials and prices on advertising with

Technical Questions

How do I upload a logo or document?

To upload a logo that has been purchased, log back into your account and click the Edit next to the listing you want to add the logo or document to. Check the logo or document boxes, then click the Continue button and you will be prompted to upload your files.

We accept .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff formats which are no larger than 8 megabytes. Optimal size for your logo is 300 x 300 pixels. Images larger than that are automatically scaled proportionally to the maximum width and/or height. Logos don't have to be square in shape.

I do not know my username/password. How do I login?

If you forgot your password the process to retrieve it is very easy. Go to the login page and below the username/password field, you will see the link that will assist you in retrieving your password. Call 503-228-8822 ext 1 or email if this does not work for you.

Where can I find help with this process?

If you are experiencing any issues renewing your listings, please call 503-228-8822 ext 1. You can also email We are here to help you! Give us a call or drop a line via email and we will get your questions answered and your listings sorted out. is published by the Oregon Media Production Association - 2828 SE 14th Avenue, Suite B, Portland, OR. 97202, (503) 228-8822

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