Frequently Asked Questions

About SourceOregon

What is SourceOregon?

SourceOregon is the most trusted and comprehensive directory of Oregon's media production professionals and services. Each listing is vetted by OMPA staff to ensure an individual or company is qualified in a given specialty.

SourceOregon helps our members get found and hired for jobs, and it helps those with a creative project in mind find the right people to make it happen.

The directory is a key tool used by the Oregon Film office to show that Oregon is a viable filming destination. OMPA and Oregon Film also use this to demonstrate the importance/impact of our media production industry to state legislators.

How are OMPA and SourceOregon related?

OMPA is the sole owner and publisher of the SourceOregon directory. OMPA is a 501(c)6 organization serving as the trade association for Oregon media production professionals.

The new website we're launching in 2020 will drop the SourceOregon name and combine our membership and listings databases—and offerings—into one single service. We hope this will eliminate the confusion, and the hassle of having two logins.

Why should I list in OMPA's directory?

Simply put, it is the most trusted and comprehensive guide to Oregon's media production professionals and services. Many in-state and out-of-state productions contact us for crew recommendations, and we refer them to our directory. It is important to make sure that your name is included with your industry peers.

A more complete directory makes it easier for us to market Oregon as a place to do business. If you have worked on any of the projects Oregon has attracted from out of state, you've benefited from the directory.

Getting Listed

How do I get listed?

Go to the new listing page and fill out the form. Be sure to include contact information for your three references, as that is how we do our vetting. You will be prompted to upload your resume and image on subsequent pages. The final page will collect payment, if required.

After you submit your listing, please allow 1-2 weeks for our staff to reach out to and get a reply from your references. You will receive a confirmation email when your listing is approved. If your listing hasn't been approved after two weeks, you can email for the status (and a friendly nudge—we're a staff of two here).

What do you mean by listings are vetted?

There are two ways we vet listings: contacting references directly, or reviewing your IMDB credits. When we contact your references, we just ask a few simple questions to make sure you've done the work satisfactorily and they'd recommend you to others. For your IMDB to suffice as your references, you must have at least 3 credits in the corresponding category spread over multiple years.

It is at the sole discretion of OMPA staff to approve or deny listings. We will let you know if your references don't check out.

How much does a listing cost?

As of January 1, 2020, listing features and availability are directly tied to OMPA membership. All OMPA Pro members receive a priority listing with an image, reel link, and up to 60-word description as part of their membership.

Once the new launches:

  • Pro members will be able to add up to 7 specialties, a 200-word description, media gallery, and more to their listing. See additional perks below under What are the benefits of OMPA membership?
  • The other option will be a free basic membership that simply includes a listing with 1 specialty, 1 image, and your contact information. No other membership benefits apply to Basic members; you must be a contributing member.

2020 Membership Rates

BasicFree BasicFree
Student$50 Student$5
Pro (1 individual)$150 Pro (1 individual)$15
Pro (2-6 employees)$350 Pro (2-6 employees)$35
Pro (7-24 employees)$500 Pro (7-24 employees)$50
Pro (25+ employees)$1,000 Pro (25+ employees)$100

What if I qualify for multiple categories/specialties?

You will be able to attach up to 7 specialties to your listing on the new website we're launching in 2020. We recommend waiting until then to add them. The vetting process should be faster, and all of your specialties will appear on a single listing instead of several disconnected ones.

You will be vetted for each specialty you request to be listed under.

Can a student have a listing?

No. Listings are reserved for vetted professionals actively working in the field. If you believe you qualify for a listing, you can upgrade to a Pro level membership.

Can I edit my listing after it's approved and live?

Yes! You can log in here to edit your listing. To change what you are listed as, you will need to apply for the new category and be vetted for that specific role.

OMPA Membership

What are the benefits of OMPA membership?

Perks of being a contributing member:

  • Opportunities to feature your work, news, screenings, and events in our newsletter, on our social channels, and at OMPA events.
  • A priority listing in our comprehensive, vetted directory of Oregon production professionals and services.
  • Pro members can add multiple categories, a description, media gallery, credits/clients, and team members.††
  • Exclusive weekly Jobs Email and Job Board access.
  • Free or discounted admission to OMPA events.
  • Discounts on advertising.
  • Periodic access to the Columbia and adidas employee stores.
  • Discounts/offers for film festivals & partner events.
  • Voting rights in board elections.
  • The pride of directly supporting your local industry!

We also offer a free Basic membership that simply includes a listing with 1 specialty and 1 image (no description)††. No other benefits listed above are included for Basic members.

Not included for Student members.
††Free basic listings and additional features for Pro members will be available when our new website launches in Q2 2020. Pro members currently receive a free listing with all of the available add-ons (image, description, reel link).

Why do I have to be a member of OMPA to be in the directory?

OMPA owns and manages both resources. There has been significant confusion for years, causing frustration and additional work for both staff and users. We decided to fix this in 2020. Streamlining the available options should reduce confusion, save time, and make your experience more user-friendly.

You can look forward to a single site and sign-on/account management experience coming in mid-2020.

Are OMPA members automatically listed in the directory?

No. Listings require different information than setting up your membership.

  1. When you join on, you set up your listing but staff manually creates your membership.
  2. When you join through, your membership is created but you have to go create your listing at

This process will be much more connected once we have single sign-on in our new website.

What do my contributions to OMPA support?

Your membership dues support our efforts to:

  • Create the most comprehensive directory possible; offset the free listing option we'll offer when we relaunch mid-2020.
  • Build a larger constituency for our advocacy work—we have a stronger voice when we're together.
  • Engage a bigger audience to promote your work and news to offer valuable programming at events.
  • Support diversity & inclusion initiatives like our Creatives of Color Collaborative and the Oregon Media Pathways Program.
  • Launch an amazing new website that will serve as a central hub for all local industry information.


I keep getting spam from my listing.

The production industry across the country has been a major target of scams in the last few years. These tips can help you identify fake job offers:

  • excessive typos
  • asking for personal information, especially passwords or banking numbers
  • an email address that doesn't match the company URL

The end-game of these scams is usually to get you to cash a fraudulent check. If you're ever skeptical, you can contact the bank on the check to confirm if it's legit.

Here's a helpful article that includes a long list of suspected or confirmed spammers.

On our new website, we're implementing spam reduction methods to better protect public contact info. Your phone, email, and address will be hidden behind an encrypted "click to show" link that triggers a captcha. Each user only has to be verified once per session.

How do I advertise with SourceOregon?

Contact Lisa Cicala at for current specials and prices for advertising on and/or

How do I upload a logo or document?

To upload a logo, log into your account and click Edit next to the listing you want to add the logo or document to. First you will see the form that looks like the one you signed up with. Feel free to make any edits here. Then, click the Continue button and you will be prompted to upload your files.

We accept .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff files no larger than 8 megabytes. Optimal size for your logo is 300 x 300 pixels. Logos don't have to be square in shape.

I don't know my username or password. How do I log in?

Go to the login page and below the username/password field, you will see the link that will assist you in retrieving your password. If you're still having trouble, email and we will change your password for you.

I still need help. Who can I contact?

You can call our office at 503-228-8822 ext. 1 or email and we will assist you. is published by OMPA - 2828 SE 14th Avenue, Suite B, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 228-8822 |

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