Frequently Asked Questions

When can I renew?

The listing renewal period starts every year on August 1st.

When is the deadline?

Renew (or purchase a new listing) by November 15th to be in next year's printed book, as well to be in the online directory through December 31st of next year.

What is the difference between the printed and the online directory?

Listings are loaded to the online directory at the time they are purchased, once references are approved. Listings which are purchased or renewed between October 1st and the November 15th deadline are also included in next year's printed book at no extra charge.

I don't know if I've ever gotten any work from my listing. Why should I list?

A more complete directory makes it easier for us to market Oregon as a place to do business. If you have worked on any of the projects Oregon has attracted from out of state, you've benefited from the directory.

If you aren't getting any work in the industry, you might consider calling some other people in the book and networking with them. If you are an OMPA member, we can help facilitate those introductions for you.

Can you bill me?

We can bill you for an additional $5 fee.

We'll also take credit card payments, and you can make your payment to your credit card company.

Can I renew my Free Listing?

The Free Listing promotion has expired. We encourage all industry members to renew their listings on so that they can be found by producers and fellow industry members. OMPA members with dues current as of January 1st still receive a $35 discount to list.

How do I upload a Logo?

To upload a Logo that has been ordered, purchased, and processed log back into your account and click on Upload Files in your Toolbox. This will take you to a screen where you can upload Docs and Logos. We accept .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff formats which are no larger than 8M. Optimal size for your logo is 75 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. Once this is uploaded click on the Edit button below each of your listings to attach your logo within the Uploaded Files box using the drop-down. is published by the Oregon Media Production Association - 2828 SE 14th Avenue, Suite B, Portland, OR. 97202, (503) 228-8822

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